Our History

Tnd Forward LTD was established in Athens to meet the needs of complete domestic 3pl services of domestic commercial enterprises.

The 30 years of experience of the company’s executives combined with the necessary know-how provided by our reliable network of Balkan Peninsula & Central Europe are able to offer a wide range of solutions & proposals to meet your business goals with the smallest possible cost. In short, it seeks to find the right product, in the right quantity, the right place at the right time at the right cost, leading to the establishment of our company in the business agenda of our customers.


To give real-time integrated services across the entire supply chain, taking into account the different needs of customers for reliable, fast, and cost-effective solutions.


Using our specific technical expertise and our experienced staff, we are driving the ever-increasing value of our services to

  • Meeting the needs of our customers and business partners for quality, service and cost.
  • Enhancing the skills and sense of responsibility of our staff through complementary training.
  • Building long-term relationships with key suppliers to deliver high quality, speed and price services with the aim of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.